Kinakwii Private Nation

Kinakwii Nation was founded in 2004. It served Canada with a declaration of nationhood ln 2008. This was followed in July 2010 with the filing of it’s Notices and Constitution to Canada and other major world organizations.

Kinakwii Welcomes People From All Races No Just Natives To Become a Member.

Vision of Kinakwii Private Nation, is to continue growing our membership base and treaties with other nations.

The Sacred Eagle

The mission of Kinakwii Private Nation, is to provide leadership and stability and to give natural man/woman a sense of belonging, through teaching, in order to have a good understanding of “Who Your Are”/”Who are You.” Which brings people from the public structure into the private structure, back under God and not under a governing structure or corporation. The private structure is under “The Great Spirit” or The Creator God, who gives us the right to have all the things God lays out for us in the Bible. Which is based upon the authority that God gives natural man/woman, to come together for a common cause and do the things that are beneficial, to both the individual and society as a whole.